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                        Neutral borosilicate glass ampoules

                        Neutral borosilicate glass ampoule bottle

                        CLASS:Neutral borosilicate glass ampoules

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                          Ampoules are small glass containers used to hold liquid medicines. The capacity is generally 1-25 ml. It is often used for injection and oral liquid packaging, but it is not popular now because it is difficult for consumers to open and easy to cause accidents.

                          Injection containers generally refer to ampoules or containers (such as penicillin vials) made of rigid neutral glass, as well as plastic containers.

                          At present, the ampoules have neck ampoules and powder ampoules. The volume of ampoules is usually 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 ml and other specifications. In addition, there are curved neck ampoules. The new national standard GB2637-1995 stipulates that the ampoules used in water injection are all flexed neck ampoules. In order to avoid glass chips and particulates from breaking ampoules bottleneck into ampoules contaminated liquid, the State Drug Administration (SDA) has forcibly implemented the flexible ampoules.

                          There are two kinds of easy-to-fold ampoules. The color ring is easy to fold ampoules and the spot mark is easy to fold ampoules. The color ring breakable ampoule is a kind of low melting point powder whose expansion coefficient is twice higher than that of ampoule glass, which is melted into a ring around the neck of ampoule. After cooling, because of the different expansion coefficients of the two kinds of glass, the medical | education network collects and arranges a circle of permanent stress in the ring, which can be flattened and broken by force and is not easy to produce glass debris. The ampoule with spot marks and easy to break has a slight mark on the neck. The color spot with diameter of 2 mm is marked at the center of the mark. When the ampoule is broken, the force is applied on the back of the middle of the mark. After breaking, the cross section should be flat. At present, ampoules are mostly colorless, which is helpful to check the clarity of the liquid. Amber glass ampoules can be used for shading drugs. Amber color can filter out ultraviolet rays and is suitable for photosensitive drugs. Amber ampoules contain iron oxide. Trace iron oxide may be leached into the product. If the components in the product can be catalyzed by iron ions, amber glass containers cannot be used.

                          Powder ampoules are used to separate powder or crystalline drugs for injection. Therefore, the neck of the bottle is thick or trumpet-shaped, which is convenient for drug loading. The bottle body is the same thickness as the neck. A groove is blown at the joint of the neck and the body. The bottle is sawn when used and injected after dissolving with solvent. This ampoule is inconvenient to use. In recent years, an injection vessel which can hold both powder and solvent has been developed. The vessel is divided into two chambers, the lower chamber contains sterile drug powder, the upper chamber contains solvent, and the middle chamber is separated by a special diaphragm. When used, the top plug is pressed down, the diaphragm is opened, and the solvent flows into the lower chamber to dissolve the drug and use it. This kind of injection container is especially suitable for some unstable drugs in solution.

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