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                        Wide application of high borosilicate glass

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                          The fire resistance and physical strength of borosilicate glass make it an ideal choice in the laboratory. It is a laboratory equipment used to manufacture high durability glass such as beakers and test tubes. In addition, bending exposure of borosilicate glass allows accurate measurement of the volume of borosilicate heat-resistant containers over a period of time.

                          In the mid-20th century, borosilicate glass tube coolants were used (usually distilled water) for electronic equipment based on high-power vacuum tubes, such as commercial broadcasting transmitters.

                          Glass cookers are another common use. A borosilicate glass pie board is almost the standard American plate. Borosilicate glass measuring cups, with markings indicating graduation measurements, are also widely used in American kitchens.

                          Aquarium heaters are sometimes made of borosilicate glass. Because of its high heat resistance, it can tolerate the temperature difference between water and Ni-Cr alloy heating elements.

                          Many high-quality flashlights use lens borosilicate glass. This makes the transmittance of the lens higher than that of plastic and low-quality glass.

                          Professional lighters and pipe are made of borosilicate glass. High heat resistance allows pipes to last longer, and these pipes are more durable.

                          Most premanufactured Glass Guitar slides also make borosilicate glass.

                          New wire drawing technology enables the application of glass balls and other contemporary art. The rapid development of modern glass art movement in the 1980s and 1990s by borosilicate glass on Northtower color palette was mainly due to the economic growth of borosilicate glass suppliers. Borosilicon is a commonly used form of wire-drawn glass blowing and artists have created products ranging from jewelry, kitchenware to sculpture as well as art 70955.

                          Borosilicate glass is sometimes used in high-quality beverage glassware. Borosilicate glass lends increased durability with compatibility of microwave ovens and dishwashers for kitchenware and glassware.

                          Borosilicate is also a material for choosing solar thermal utilization technology of vacuum tube, because of its high strength and heat resistance.

                          Borosilicate glass has also found a well-known micro-electromechanical system for micro-mechanical devices, and developed a part of the etched wafer stack for bonded etched silicon-borosilicate glass used in the semiconductor industry.

                          Borosilicate glass is coated on the insulating tile of the space shuttle. Lighting equipment manufacturers use their refracted borosilicate glass.

                          Its main performance indicators are up to the international ISO standards, with the United States Corning 7740 materials, German Schott 50 materials belong to the same kind of material. Compared with common glass, non-toxic side effects, its mechanical properties, thermal stability, water resistance, alkali resistance, acid resistance and other properties are greatly improved. It can be widely used in chemical industry, aerospace, military, family, hospital and other fields. It can be made into lamps, tableware, standard plate, telescope lenses, washing machine observation holes, microwave oven plate, solar water heater and other products. It has a good promotion price. Value and social benefit, the appearance of this kind of glass in our country is another new innovation of the basic material industry.

                          Solar water heater, the main material of vacuum heat collector, mainly uses its good light transmittance, good mechanical properties and good impact resistance. Some manufacturers use low-iron glass, etc., the above performance is deficient, in weight and appearance are different from high borosilicate. (Dark and light in colour. Generally, small manufacturers have more applications.

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