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                          Jiyuan Zhengyu Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1994, formerly known as Jiyuan Wangwushan Glass Co., Ltd., due to business development needs, relocated in 2010 to the town of Jiyuan City Zhi Yaohui Industrial Park. The company has invested 28 million RMB to bulid 3 highest standard trombone furnace, trombone production of line 10, ampoule machine more than 28 sets and tubular glass vials machine 130 units. Currently, the company has 112 million RMB fixed assets, building area 65000㎡, employees 682 people, including 336 professional and technical personnel. Quality control personnel 167 people, produces 13,000 tons of brown tube, white tube 28,000 tons, ampoules 2.6 billion, 1.8 billion bottles of oral liquid, lyophilized vial 1.2 billion, the products are sold to Europe and Southeast Asia of international markets, in the domestic market Green Bensheim, Germany, etc. and also the country's top high-end customers to establish a group of high-quality long-term relationships.

                          Enterprises see quality as life, passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification and the SFDA, with whole quality management system. To ensure the quality of glass tubes, bottles, the company has invested more than 180 million, built a high standard of laboratories, purchase of atomic absorption spectrometer and a number of testing equipment, improve the detection means, from the procurement of raw materials, glass tube to bottle production and factory-style test track to ensure the stability of product quality, for the credibility of the company has laid a solid foundation.

                          Company regular staff training and assessment technology management, and strive to improve the quality of staff skills and business awareness. Foolish Old Man spirit of enterprise culture, high standards of talent that the company's development has laid a solid foundation.

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